Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She's So Remote, It's Out of Control

At least I know how to use the remote.

OK, so here's my "sister," Cosette, being lazy as usual. While I'm more of a Renaissance man, this little brown tabby watches way too much TV, especially Animal Planet. I mean, how uncreative?

Besides, unless the program is about cats and/or dogs (cats and dogs need to know about each other), there's no reason to watch Animal Planet. We have nothing in common with wildebeasts and boring animals like giraffes.

Now that I'm writing, I'm sort of feeling guilty about the mean things I sometimes say about Cosette. She's not a couch potato; she's very active and more playful than I am, even though I'm eight years her junior. And I have huge paws that make it difficult to navigate the remote, so I do admire her skill in that arena.

OK, I know you are all waiting to hear the update on the poop-outside-the-box scandal. The good news is, all waste products have remained in the box....for now. Of course, you never know when Cosette might launch a sneak attack.

Now changing the subject, I've become a bit disturbed lately. Some of my mom's students have been talking smack about me.

At first it hurt my feelings, but I got over it as soon as mom set her milk glass down -- with some milk still at the bottom. I got in trouble tonight for reaching one of my long front paws into the glass. Mom spilled out the rest of the milk, like she's grossed out by my having touched it.

I mean, I keep my paws clean with my saliva. What's the big deal?

I always like to see the glass as half full.

Meow for Now,



  1. Thanks so much, Jeannie!! Hemi had a blast writing it.