Monday, April 6, 2009

Crap in the Box

This is a tad embarrassing to write about, but I must vent.

Remember Cosette, that other cat who was in the household before I arrived in early December? Well, she guards both litterboxes and sometimes doesn't let me go to the bathroom when I need to. Mom has to tell her to go away so I can do my business.

Well lately, my little tabby "friend" has been regularly pooping outside of the litterboxes -- both of them -- to dissuade me from using either. Frankly, it's disgusting, and while I'm a sweet cat, I am at the end of my tether. She's doing this, according to the vet, because she's marking both boxes as her territory and trying to keep me from going potty in these areas.

She's litterbox greedy.

And I'm litterbox needy.

I've managed thus far to use the litterbox because when a cat's gotta go, a cat's gotta go, but this had better stop soon. I'm tired of having to jump over poop to get into a box to alleviate a basic need.

Crap ought to stay where it belongs: in the box.

I am in the process of writing a petition to my mom for a third litterbox. For goodness sakes, she reads Cat Fancy, which often advises owners to have a litterbox for each cat plus one.

Don't get me wrong; as soon as my mom sees the little tootsie rolls outside the box, she cleans them up. She also keeps the boxes clean regularly. But if I keep seeing those Cosette-logs, then I'm going to seek vengence with my Hemi-pelletts.


  1. Your too funny. Maybe your mom should teach you to use a toilet. Screw Cosette.

  2. My mom's too lazy to do toilet training with me. She moved my litterbox, which I'm forever grateful for. So far, no more little buggers outside the boxes.

    Thanks for your support. You are purrrrrfect.